Saturday, 21 November 2015

"World of Love" fundraising concert

Fifteen of the LTP School Choir members were invited to participated in a meaningful and charitable event, “World of Love’ fundraising concert for the University of Toronto (Hong Kong) Foundation on 21st November, 2015. Through integration of choral singing, choral verse-speaking, stage movement and ballet, the performers presented 10 beautiful love poems written by famous poets, including William Blake, E. E Cummings, John Masefield, Edward Lear, Rodney Bennet, and music composed by John Rutter, Eric Whitacre, David Dickau, Eric Thiman , etc. It was a wonderful concert of which the performers have dazzled the audiences with their music, dance, love and passion; and for our choir members, this valuable experience has not only broadened their musical horizons, it has also provided them an opportunity to serve and contribute to the community with their musical talents and abilities.