Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Choir Performance for Hong Kong Geopark

On behalf of LTPSS CHOIR, I would like to share our joy and excitement in the Official Opening Ceremony of Hong Kong, China World Geopark. As the guest performing choir to round up the ceremony, we sang the theme song with the renowned Tenor Mr Warren Mok, in the presence of the HKSAR Chief Executive, the World Geopark Chairpersons from Australia, England, Japan, Singapore and China. LTPSS CHOIR was highly praised by the organizer and the audience for its professional attitude and highly disciplined performance.

What we treasured the most was the learning experience that we encountered and the team spirit that we built through this musical activity.

During our preparation and rehearsals, we listened attentively to our teachers to learn how to sing as a back up chorus and focused on the projection of our voices so that we could deliver our music on stage in an open area. In the performance, we sang with our hearts and mind. It was very rewarding to see the audience enjoy our music.

We learnt the importance of individual contribution to the success of a team. We also demonstrated the LTPSS spirit of learning humbly, listening attentively and striving for our best.

We really feel honoured to be invited to perform in this special occasion and are looking forward to other learning opportunities in the future.

Wong Wing Huen 4A

Chairperson of LTPSS CHOIR